5 Tips to Keep Your Silver Jewelry Sparkling Like New

Planning to invest in silver jewelry can be a great move from your end. Jewellers Woodbridge feels that silver baubles like silver earrings can be suitable for office wear or for regular use. However, in spite of the fact that silver trinkets carry a great value, it can easily wear off or lose its glaze when it’s worn on an everyday basis. Basically, silver ornaments can get tarnished with time.

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How Silver Trinkets Get Discolored?

Silver trinkets can get discolored as a result of exposure to air, moisture, and also because of oxidative reactions. For instance, silver baubles because of oxidative reaction with sulphur can turn black. At the same time, when trinkets get in touch with chemicals, it can lose its shine.

Want To Keep It Sparkling: Do you want to keep your silver jewelry sparkling as it used to when you bought it? If you want to avoid the trinket look little bit yellowish or blackish, you would need to clean it from time to time. At the same time, you can follow some simple tips which will ensure your silver jewelry remains sparkling as brand new one.

Storage: Jewellers Woodbridge states that keeping silver trinkets in air tight containers can help in slowing down the tarnishing process. Care should be taken so that the trinkets come into contact with air as little as possible. Each piece of baubles can be wrapped in a soft muslin cloth or tissues and kept in tight airtight bags. Care should be taken not to store rubber bands with silver trinkets. As rubber bands release sulfur, it hastens tarnishing process.

Wearing Order: Silver being a fussy material can start to tarnish because of many reasons. In order to keep its shine as brand new, using chemicals on the trinkets should be avoided. One should ensure that they wear their silver ornaments after they are done with their makeup or hair spray or perfume.woodbridge jewelleruy

Polishing Occasionally: Jewellers Woodbridge states that silver being a soft metal can get scratched easily. For removing tarnish, one should not try to use coarse cloth. Rather, soft cloth or anti-tarnish wipes can be used for preventing the trinket to come in contact with air, it can keep the trinkets tarnish free and sparkling. One thing which must be kept in mind is the anti-tarnish wipes should be used only as a preventative measure.

Assistance of Professional Jewelers: Silver baubles can be very delicate. If you feel afraid to clean the jewelry on your own, you can take it to a professional. Professionals can use ammonia solution in order to clean the tarnish.

DIY Cleaning Solutions: Jewellers Woodbridge feels that people of can make use of commercial tarnish removing products in order to remove the tarnish on the trinket. Another way in which tarnish can be removed is by using a solution of aluminum foil, white vinegar and baking soda.

By following the aforementioned tips, one can keep their jewelry as sparkling as ever. Alternatively, one can take the help of jewellers Woodbridge for getting best solution.

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